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Request access to Play & Follow for Artists

Request access to Play & Follow for Artists:


  1. Fill out your email and create a unique username to create an account for Play & Follow for Artists. The username you select will be in the link for your artist landing page and cannot be changed after creation. You can check to see if the username of your liking is available by clicking on the “check” button next to the username after you have filled it out. To move on to the next step, click “Next”.
  2. Fill out your legal first and last name and birth date as well as your artistic name and music genre. For the music genre, the drop-down contains all musical genres according to the Apple Music Style Guide.
  3. Fill out all of your music and social media links. Under each store, there is a short-cut link for you to search for your artist profile on the respective stores. Once you have the link, paste the full link on the field for the respective store. A website is not required, but be sure to fill out this page to its entirety so each of your official artist profiles will be shown on your Play & Follow artist landing page.
    1. After submitting the links, the Play & Follow team will verify each link.
    2. After each link is reviewed and approved, then the links will be available for you to add to your Play & Follow artist landing page.
    3. This process takes place to avoid fraud and enforce quality control that each link that is marketed is directing traffic to the correct destination. 
  4. Please agree to the terms and conditions of the artist verification process. Verification will only be granted if you have legitimate artist accounts on the digital streaming platforms and social media. If you do not agree, then we will be unable to create an account for you.
  5. You will be able to complete your request by agreeing to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Play & Follow for Artists, before verifying that you are indeed not a robot. Then you will be able to send your request.
  6. Play & Follow for Artists is only available for artist registration at the moment. After you complete the registration, you will receive an email confirmation confirming that the Play & Follow team is processing your request. This process can take 24-48 hours for the Play & Follow team to review and verify your artist account.
  7. After your registration has been reviewed and confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation that your Play & Follow for Artists account has been created. In that same email, you will be able to create your password.
  8. When creating your unique password, it must contain at least 8 characters: at least one letter, at least 1 number, and at least 1 special character (@,$,!,%,*,#,?,&).
  9. Once the Play & Follow team has verified your music and social media links, then you will receive a confirmation email that your profile has been verified.